Blending for Family & Friends since 1983!

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"the 90 grammer"

Boulton Spice Company

"the 90 grammer"

Boulton Spice is a conveniently tasteful, adaptable and environmentally supportive* flavour for Home Cooking; Goes great with:

- Eggs - Potatoes - Chicken -
- Beef - Fish - Pork - 
- Popcorn - Pumpkin Seeds - Shish Kabobs - 
- Cucumber - Kale Chips - Beverage Rims -
& So On...


The Boulton Family:
  • serving the North since 1793
  • serving "our spice" since 1983
  • serving our Coastal Environment, one great Family meal at a time! *Partnered with the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations' "Restoration to Abundance" ecosystem management strategy.



* Boulton Spice is blended under Good Manufacturing Practices and operates with strict HACCP protocols in place for continued food safety and product quality. All ingredients are sourced from accredited commercial suppliers with similar food safety assurances in place.