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"the 90 grammer"

Boulton Spice Company

"the 90 grammer"

Our most popular size; the 90 grammer is ideally suited for camping & weekend getaways. You'll find Boulton Spice to be a convenient 'go-to' dry seasoning for flavourful fresh meats, fish, eggs, potatoes, veggies & even makes a Great Beverage Rim!... It's relatively light, doesn't need refrigeration and is packaged in a durable water-tight container (makes for great gifts)!

The diversity of ingredients in Boulton Spice and the way in which they balance through so many foods, brings a distinct convenience to your stove-side & BBQ that we're sure you'll find useful time and time again. For easy prep flavour that will be preceded by a "pleases" every time, bring Boulton Spice into your home and enjoy! Its more than the hash browns & eggs can explain, the fish & the chips, ribs & mash... cucumbers & tomatoes, pumpkin seeds & popcorn... in 37 years of production and enjoyment, we've learned that Boulton Spice is adaptable, dimensional, convenient, and surprises us (and our customers) to this day. Boulton Spice is one of the most useful tools we have in our kitchen & its time to share!

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-the Boulton Family-

* Boulton Spice is blended under Good Manufacturing Practices and operates with strict HACCP protocols in place for continued food safety and product quality. All ingredients are sourced from accredited commercial suppliers with similar food safety assurances.

* flat rate for Canadian shipping destinations (up to eight 90g units) is $15 (plus applicable taxes).

* Please see our products page for the "8 Pack" item discount.