Product Specs & Food Safety

With respect to Covid-19, you are safe with Boulton Spice. Operating currently with one employee at our facility, and ensuring absence in the presence of any symptoms, our likelihood of bringing this virus into our food-prep areas is remote. We don full, single use PPE for each day at work, including full coverall, face mask, hair net and gloves and operate in a readily (and often) sanitized environment.

Boulton Spice Company's facility is monitored by the Vancouver Island Health Authority (facility number BISS-9GVR48) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, whom we hold a Safe food for Canadians Licence (#4G7NKP3R). Our mission is to continually develop and maintain our HACCP food safety plan. This helps to ensure that our facility, process and final product are consistent and free of contaminants of any kind.

We are currently implementing a state-of-the-art digital sanitation verification program. This includes swabbing of our food contact surfaces and prep/packaging areas followed by testing each sample with an aptly suited device called a luminometer. This provides quantitative results of the cleanliness of each sampled surface. Through the same chemical process as occurs in fireflies, light is emitted from the sample within the luminometer and the light level produced is relative to the amount of ATP present in the swab. With numerical results, we are able to accurately observe the level of cleanliness within our facility. We can thereby verify that our sanitation program is effective and proactively alter our program when required.

We are very excited about implementing this level of technology at such an early stage in our business as we take the health and safety of our clients as our top priority. We feel this is a high value and worthy investment.

Please refer to the following Nutrition Information Table for Boulton Spice All Purpose Seasoning FYI:

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Paprika, White Pepper, Onion, Black Pepper, Mustard, Celery Seed, Oregano, Chili Peppers & a pinch of other finely selected herbs, spices and spice extracts. THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS MUSTARD.

Certificate of Analysis (2020):