Cooking with Boulton Spice

One Secret Recipe; fifteen quality ingredients; countless combinations and flavours to be remembered! Experiment with Boulton Spice All Purpose Seasoning and we're sure you'll find more than a few easy & delicious recipes of your own. Here are a few examples you may like to try at home:



        ... and one from the record books:

"Boulton Bones" - Pork Button Bones and Boulton Spice - "This is a mandatory try” and the reason Boulton Spice was created!

Button Bones are the tail section of pork back ribs. They are inexpensive, thin cut, bone-in strips. They cook fast, season well and can be served to hungry guests in less than 10 minutes!

Here’s what you need:

    • 5 lbs. (or as much as you want) of “button bones”.
      • A bunch of fresh lemons (or good quality lemon juice) and dried, crushed oregano - preferably Greek, for better flavour!
      • Boulton Spice - oh yeah!!

      Here’s how you prepare them:

      • The “bones” usually come frozen in strips, so get them thawed, straightened out and ready to throw on the heated barbecue.
      • Put the beer down and pay attention; They cook fast! Braise & sprinkle lemon juice & Boulton Spice over both sides.
        • Before they are fully cooked, pull them off the BBQ. Get your attending sous chef to cut them up between each bone then toss them in the wok.
        • Now place the wok on the grill and stir them up with a “wok spoon”. This is where the additional finish cooking will happen.
        • While mixing them, squeeze on more lemon juice  & more Boulton Spice (the more the better, you will learn). About a minute or two before serving, throw on the Greek oregano. Don’t be shy. This recipe is all about “excess”.
        • Place on a platter and have your 'staff' serve up this delectable appy with an accompanying napkin at hand!