Cooking with Boulton Spice

One Secret Recipe; countless combinations and flavours to be remembered! Each food type highlights different ingredients in Boulton Spice, resulting in ease of use that doesn't dominate your plate! This means your mashed potatoes will be enjoyed just as much as your BBQ'd pork loin and side of sliced cucumber... each popping with its own flavour. Experiment with Boulton Spice All Purpose Seasoning and we're sure you'll find more than a few easy & delicious uses of your own. Here are a few more examples you may like to try at home:



        ... & one from the record books:

"Boulton Bones" - (Pork Button Bones and Boulton Spice) - "This is a mandatory try” and the reason Boulton Spice was created!

Button Bones are the tail section of pork back ribs. They are inexpensive, thin cut, bone-in strips. They cook fast, season well and can be served to hungry guests in less than 10 minutes!

Here’s what you need:

    • 5 lbs. (or as much as you want) of “button bones”.
      • A bunch of fresh lemons (or good quality lemon juice) and dried, crushed oregano - preferably Greek, for better flavour.
      • Boulton Spice at your side!!!

      Here’s how you prepare them:

      • The “bones” usually come frozen in strips, so get them thawed, straightened out and ready to throw on the heated barbecue.
      • Put the beer down and pay attention; They cook fast! Braise & sprinkle lemon juice & Boulton Spice over both sides.
        • Before they are fully cooked, pull them off the BBQ. Get your attending sous chef to cut them up between each bone then toss them in the wok.
        • Now place the wok on the grill and stir them up with a “wok spoon”. This is where the additional finish cooking will happen.
        • While mixing them, squeeze on more lemon juice  & more Boulton Spice (the more the better, you will learn). About a minute or two before serving, throw on the Greek oregano. Don’t be shy. This recipe is all about “excess”.
        • Place on a platter and have your 'staff' serve up this delectable appy with an accompanying napkin at hand!